Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Review of Bath & Body Works' Sea Island Cotton Body Cream,

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My  Review of Bath & Works Sea Island Cotton Body Cream

  A few days ago I received an 8 oz container of Bath & Body Works' Sea Island Cotton triple moisture body cream, from their Signature Collection.  My first reaction to the body cream was a pretty negative one, because I usually don't care very much for the scent of their products. However, since I have a bit of dry skin, and I had just run out of lotion I reluctantly decided to try it anyway.

   I opened the the tube, and dabbed a small amount of the cream on my hand, and I began to rub it in. I was immediately impressed with the amount of coverage the cream gave me, but what I loved even more about it was the fragrance. I kept bringing my hands close to my nose so I could get another whiff of the scent. It was hard for me to believe how much I enjoyed the smell. 

  The products I have purchased from Bath & Body Works in past seemed to loose their scent only after a couple of hours, no matter how much I put on. The Sea Island Cotton triple moisture body cream however, was a pleasant surprise. Not only does it offer great coverage for people with dry skin, but its fragrance is long lasting. After several failed attempts at trying to find a product from Bath & Body Works I really like, I have finally struck gold, and this one is a keeper. : )

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