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As a Christian, it has been challenging for me to find better alternatives in how my family, and I celebrate the Holidays.  Some years ago when my children were young I was challenged by a sermon I heard about how christians should shun the pegan forms of celebration.  This included the three main Holidays Christmas, easter, and holloween. As I listened attentively to the message I could not help thinking, "How am I going to change my children celebrate the holidays when I've been doing it the same way for so long?" even though I wasn't quite sure what is going to say or how I was going to say it I knew I had to do some differently. God gave me the strength to speak to my children, and He prepared their hearts to receive what I had to say. This is something that only God could do! The following easter I made a decision to do things differently. Instead of just coloring eggs and making easter baskets I began to make the focus of what we did all about Jesus! He became the center attraction of all of our Holiday celebrations except for halloween, we stopped celebrating it altogether. I wondered whether or not the changes I made were having a positive effect in the lives of my children, and then one day I got my answer.  After dropping one of my youngest sons off at his kindergarten class, his teacher approached me. She asked me if we did anything special to celebrate Christmas. She then began to tell me how everytime she'd ask the students to create their own personal stories, my son's stories were always about Christmas. This was exciting news to me! It proved to me that what GOD had impressed me to do was working, and making an impact in a positive way on the way my kids thought about GOD, and that it was possible to incorporate Christian values into any event, or celebration and still have fun!

Below you will find an easy DIY Christian themed easter craft project for children. I hope your family will enjoy it. I will be adding more like this as I find them for various Holidays.

Black is the color from which All other colors are made. (Acts 17:26-27 )

Red is for the blood of CHRIST who was slain. (I Peter 1:19)

Green is for the branches of palm trees that were laid. (John 12:13)

Yellow is for the sun so bright. (Genesis 1:3)

Orange is for the edge of night. (Genesis 1:5)

White is for the grace GOD gave through CHRIST. (Romans 3:24)

Purple is for the sorrow CHRIST suffered that night. (Isaiah 53:5)

An egg full of jelly beans, Colorful and Sweet

Is a reminder of the promises, The WORD of GOD keeps!!!

(I ffound this DIY idea HERE!)


                             What You Will Need:

◆Paper plates (Use the sturdy kind with a "lip".)

◆An image of Christ (Use the image found here.)

◆Brown scrap paper (paper bag) to crumple

◆Scissors & glue

Directions:  Cut one plate in half.  Then cut an "entrance" in one half. Glue halves together.Cut out Jesus and color if you'd like.  Glue into back of tomb.  Crumple brown paper and place in front of tomb entrance.

(I found this DIY idea HERE!)

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