My Review of The Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale

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My Review of the Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale 
with Electro-Machanical Dial

Disclosure: I was given a product for review purposes. The opinions I have shared are honest, and my own.

A few days ago I received an Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Machanical Dial to review.  I can describe my feelings about this bath scale from the time I first laid eyes on it til how I feel about now in four easy syllables. "phe·nom·e·nal!"

That's no joke, this scale is absolutely AMAZING! It's sleek design blends perfectly with my modernly styled bathroom.  The scale gives you accurate readings of your weight in both digital,  and analog formats.  It also has a convenient alarm system that helps you to remember to weigh yourself at the same time each day. 

The Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial is light weight,  and easily fits under the bathroom sink. My most favorite feature of this scale however,  is the way it revs up, and lights up  when giving you the amount of your weight. It almost seems like it's trying to help you celebrate your weight loss. I get excited every time I see this happen, and it puts a big smile on my face! : )

I have tried several different types  of scales in the past few years while on my weight loss journey,  but the Ozeri scale is by far my absolute FAV! I love it, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends, family members, and to anyone struggling with their weight for that matter. When you're are on this journey of trying to stay healthy you need all the support you can get!  

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  1. I think Ozeri makes THE most awesome products! Your scale looks/sounds great.

  2. I love the size! I so need one of these!